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The Lena Lenina story

04 February 2015

The best nail salon is Nail It! Ibiza

If you’re searching for the world’s best nail salons, look no further than Nail It! Ibiza parent company Lena Lenina Manicure Studios. Their nail salon service looks after no less than 20,000 of Russia’s top VIPs every month, with approximately 300,000 happy customers. Not only do they have beautifully cared for hands and feet but our cheap nail salons’ prices make luxury treatments available to everyone.

The beginning of the cheap but professional salon

The Lena Lenina Manicure Studios story began only a few years ago in 2011, yet the company is already Europe’s largest and leading nails salons network, boasting the top nail salons in Russia. More and more studios are opening to join the 150 studio strong network, with plans to move into Poland and Latvia as well as across Spain.  

Founder Lena Lenina was once a model and writer living in Paris. When she finally returned to Moscow she realised it lacked the charming little nail bars and nail salons that her served her so well during her time in Paris. In 2011 she bought the famous Alessandro Beja chain of manicure studios; at that time the largest and most technologically advanced chain of professional nail salons. The interiors were created by French designers and thoroughly thought through to the smallest detail, with quick service nail bars for drop-ins and deeper treatment rooms as seen on her nail salon websites.

Lena’s goal was simple: To keep nail salon prices down in order to make manicures an affordable luxury for the ladies of Russia, with highly trained technicians using only the best products. She insisted on the top quality service you’d expect from a leading chain, but with cheap nail salons’ prices.

Founder is the tester of the products

Lena is of course the greatest tester of her own products and treatments, and is responsible for the top levels of service. Maybe this is why her studios have achieved almost cult status and are considered to be the best nail salon chain in Russia. After all Lena’s showbiz friends frequent nothing less than the best professional nail salons.

Just visit the nail salon’s web site and you’ll know everything

Her academy boasts the highest standards, taught by technicians from France’s legendary laboratories. They teach over 60 products which is a record in Europe – a quick look at one of the nail salon websites shows over 30 kinds of manicures and pedicures. They have hands and spa rituals including exquisite massages that any elite spa resort would be proud of, despite what appear to be cheap nail salons’ prices.

The personal line of hands and nails’ cosmetics

She also has her own cosmetics for hands and nails, based on a combination of natural ingredients and the latest achievements in science and technology – another breakthrough for the Russian market. This combination of innovation, superior quality and affordable price makes Lena Lenina Manicure Studios unique.

Lena Lenina is the soul of the company and is actively involved in all areas of the business, travelling the world selecting the hottest trends and the latest technology, and personally testing all products, treatments and rituals. Her favourite Masura manicure from the best nail salon studios in Russian is already available through Nail It! Ibiza, and we’re waiting with baited breath for the divine chocolate spa treatment she loves so much.

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