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Calgel is the bio-gel of the future

30 August 2015

Calgel manicure is a special technique by which the professional material for the nail extension, strengthening and care is used. You can choose any colorful or transparent bio-gel cover. You can get the blameless manicure and pedicure without leaving your home. Call and invite our mobile nail studio to your apartment. You will get the high-quality manicure sitting on your couch. Look for details here.

It is very important for the real professionals to stay in trend of the latest novelties. We offer our customers the most contemporary, high-quality and safety techniques of the nails’ care.

You have probably already heard about the advantages of the soft bio-gel Calgel. They have success among the masters all over the world. Nail It! Ibiza salon suggests you the qualitative calgel manicure. One of the Calgel advantage is that it may be used for to make weak, brittle and exfoliate natural nails stronger. It helps them to become strong, healthy and look beautiful. This elastic gel fits to the natural nail perfectly and is very flexible and strong material at the same time. It may be used even in the 3D design. Moreover, it looks very natural and it will be very difficult for other people to recognize that you have fake nails.

About Calgel

Calgel is the first soft bio-gel in the world. It was created in 1981 and in the year 1985 it became the wide use. The English chemical technologist Gram Helps was the inventor of this novelty. After that Japanese bought the rights on the patent. They began to spread current gel all over the world. Those people, who aspire to the quality, comfort and to the health of their nails choose Calgel.

The tremendous features of this bio-gel explain its popularity. The real Calgel is very qualitative material. It cares about your nails and looks very natural on them.

The advantages of the bio-gel

The real technicians can always recognize the qualitative material from the fake one. The Nail It! Ibiza technicians are professionals of the upper grade. They have the great experience in the work with the customers. They know what the professional care is. We use only the top-quality materials, so you will not have any complaints against our work fulfillment. We exist special for you. You can find more information right here.

The main component of the Calgel is the Clear gel which is the base, the fundamental and the finish one at the same time. So this cover is appropriate for all the three phases of the nails extensions. Calgel does not need the superfluous filing of the natural nail before the covering. So there are no damages which are caused by it.

Calgel becomes level by itself. If allows to apply it fast and easy. The widest range of the beautiful colorful gels will not leave any beauty indifferent or unpleased. The Calgel palette has over 100 tints of the colorful gels (velvety-lusterless, modern glossy, rich and pearl). It helps to satisfy any customer’s taste.

Bio-gel Calgel is absolutely safe for the nails. Calgel’s structure is approximately as the nail’s one. That’s why it is strong and flexible at the same time. Nails which are lengthened or strengthened by bio-gel Calgel will stay for 3-5 weeks. If you want to use Calgel for the nails on your feet, the beautiful toes will please you for 8-10 weeks.

It is wonderful that Calgel is much thinner than the acrylic or gel. It is just a little bit thicker than the regular nail polish. A lot of beauties, who want always stay in trend, love this quality of Calgel.

The incontestable advantage of the Calgel is its nonallergenic. Calgel does not cause the allergic reactions, because there are no acrylic monomers in its structure. This hard chemical usually causes allergic reactions in many people. Moreover, Calgel does not have the sharp smell.

It is very easy to remove current gel. Special liquid does not damage your nails. It makes the covering softer in several minutes.

It is very important to use qualitative bio-gel. Otherwise, you will not be satisfied with the procedure. But in our Nail It! Ibiza salon you should not be afraid. Our technicians use only production of the best quality. So, you will be always satisfies with your nails if you give your hands to our professionals.

Besides the marvelous calgel manicure, Nail It! Ibiza offers you the wide range of other services. They are beautiful manicures and pedicures, hand, food and body care. If you want to know more about it, look here. Everything the best is only for you.

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