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Shellac versus gel nails

04 February 2015

Shellac nails and toes have been the words on the lips of beauty editors, models and mums alike, since shellac nails and spa bars hit the press a few years ago. All of a sudden a new shellac nail salon would pop up in every town – and who wouldn’t be interested in shiny long lasting nails? Chipping was the main reason women changed their polish so frequently, until classic nail polish technology improved to today’s standards.

The gels of yester year saw a thick layer applied to the nail to create a new surface, hardened under UV light and smoothed and sculpted with an electric file for a perfect finish. The downside was the potential damage from soaking nails in acetone to take off the gel, and harsh filing to remove any residue.

The shellac nail manicure and spa

This is where shellac nails and spastepped in with a more nail-friendly solution. A shellac nail manicure, and the next generation gel manicures which followed, consist of thin coats of polish applied to the natural nail without sculpting or filing. A blast under a UV lamp between every coat, followed by a quick shine with a soft cloth and alcohol is all it takes for stunning nails without the potential drawbacks.

But even a shellac nail manicure may not be for everyone, as natural nails and nail beds must be in tip top condition. If in doubt consult a trained shellac nail technician, or any highly trained specialist like those that graduate from the Lena Lenina Manicure Studios Academy in Moscow, or work in a reputable shellac nail salon.

The perfect restore product for your nails

If your nails aren’t quite as healthy as hoped, Nail It! Ibiza have the perfect product for nails that need extra care – the nourishing VitaGel coating. It’s the ideal healing base coat as it’s literally packed with vitamins, but works equally well as a natural transparent nail gloss for a more natural look.

Durable nail polish

We choose to use only the best, and Nail It! Ibiza love Artistic Colour Gloss gel polish. It’s even more durable and lasts up to 3 weeks, with an ultra-glossy finish in winter, spring, summer or fall. And considering its creator is none other than Chanel’s Nail Director; we’d expect nothing less.

The CND Vinylux Weekly Polish for your nails

We also love CND Vinylux Weekly Polish which requires no base coat or UV lamp, dries rapidly and lasts approximately 1 week. Both are available in a fab range of shades fresh from the catwalk, as is our classic polish for those who like changing their nails more often.

Gel products were created to last, so the removal of any gel or shellac coating is best undertaken by qualified professionals. You can try your luck at any shellac nail salon, or book the services of a luxury and reputable mobile service like . Just remember that not only does our reputation for quality products and training precede us; you won’t have to move from your favourite spot – your hotel, your home, your yacht or by the pool.Nail It! Ibiza

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