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Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain


Brazilian manicure
Brazilian manicure
31 October 2015
The Brazilian manicure is a novelty of the nail industry. The main distinctive feature of such type of manicure is its almost full safety. This technique framed by the Brazilian experts excludes the possibility of injuries of skin, and the risk of becoming infected. The principle of the Brazilian manicure consists in use of a disposable set. This set includes the orange stick, nail file and gloves with the cream. The cream contains of the useful components as such as vitamin E, ce...

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Pedicures for the boys
Pedicures for the boys
04 February 2015
10 REASONS FOR MEN TO BOOK A MOBILE PEDICURE BY NAIL IT! IBIZA More and more men are booking relaxing, beautiful pedicures and lounging around in Ibiza’s indulgent selection of spas. Who doesn’t like a man who takes care of himself and has pride in his looks? It’s easy to achieve with Nail It! Ibiza’s mobile manicure and pedicure service, and if in doubt here are 10 reasons to book in. 1.      Look the part Whether you’re strolling around in...