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Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain
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Pedicures for the boys

04 February 2015

More and more men are booking relaxing, beautiful pedicures and lounging around in Ibiza’s indulgent selection of spas. Who doesn’t like a man who takes care of himself and has pride in his looks? It’s easy to achieve with Nail It! Ibiza’s mobile manicure and pedicure service, and if in doubt here are 10 reasons to book in.

1.      Look the part

Whether you’re strolling around in flip flops or your feet are encapsulated in winter boots, there’s nothing nicer than a well turned out toe. When your feet come out to play chances are people will be casually checking them out, so mobile manicures and pedicures are man’s new best friend to score high on the foot-o-meter.

2.      Improve foot health, hygiene and odour

If you don’t look after the health of your feet they become breeding grounds for bacteria, especially if you’re always wearing trainers. Flip flops on the other hand lead to ridiculously dry cracked heels which can become painful, so a mobile pedicure is probably just what you need. Even a mini pedicure will help get your feet back on track.

3.      Get the smooth and sexy feet you dream of

One of Nail It! Ibiza’s mobile pedicures will include exfoliation to start sloughing off that dead, dry skin. Problem areas can be smoothed away with a pumice or machine file, and massaging essential oils into the skin provides an extra layer of anti-bacterial protection. Neglected feet are simply unattractive, so turn things around with one of our beautiful pedicures.

4.      Relax and de-stress with our mobile pedicure service

Whether you’re rushing around on your feet all day, driving a truck or stuck in an office, stress is a major cause of illness. Shoe-horning a relaxing and beautiful pedicure into your schedule gives you chance to relax and regroup before the next big meeting or hot date. And who doesn’t enjoy a foot rub rub from Nail It! Ibiza’s mobile pedicure service, while soaking up your favourite view?

5.      A mobile pedicure isn’t all about the polish

There are plenty of pedicures to choose from and none of them involve painting your nails wild colours in the name of fashion and foot care. Unless you want to, of course. You may well be wondering ‘What is a gel pedicure?’ Trust us – unless you want a polish that stays put you don’t need to know. We can call it a sports pedicure or an executive pedicure if it makes you feel better, or start small with a mini pedicure.

6.      Prevent in growing toe nails

If you struggle to cut your nails correctly, hacking them off too short or clipping the sides of the nails will do more damage than good. Apart from looking like dragons’ feet you’re at risk of developing in growing nails, and having these removed will be about as much fun as the pain caused from walking about with them. Indulging in Nail It! Ibiza’s mobile manicure and pedicure service is much more enjoyable.

7.      You can take your tablet or phone a friend

If relaxing isn’t your thing, it’s truly time to start. But if you’ve really got too much to do or you’re feeling a bit manly and conspicuous with your feet stuck in a foot spa, why not multi task like women have been doing for centuries. Play on your phone, email work or use the time to catch up with a long lost pal.

8.      You don’t have to go to a powder pink salon

Nail It! Ibiza offer mobile pedicures meaning no embarrassing moments caught in a pastel painted beauty salons. You still get one of our beautiful pedicures, and the beauty is you pick your ideal location and we come to you with our kit – to the pool of your villa, your hotel room, the boat or any place you choose. Invite your mates for moral support or go fully undercover with a treatment for one. No-one but Nail It! Ibiza will know.

9.      Well maintained hands and feet signify style and class

Nice nails on a man have long been a sign of status, linked to affluence as well as the obvious good grooming skills and associated hygiene levels. Our mobile manicures and pedicures leave nails clean and nicely shaped, with smooth and supple skin. Pair with your Armani trousers and Tom Ford shades and there will be no stopping you.

10.   Join the elite ranks of famous well-groomed men

Care for your nails and join the ranks of David Beckham, Snoop Dogg and Johnny Depp, who are all fans of a classic manicure and pedicure. Snoop’s even been known to have nail art, and if he’s not cool we don’t know what is.

Gel pedicure for men

If you’re still wondering what is a gel pedicure,gentlemen,we’re happy to announce that men too can have perfectly painted nails that last up to 3 long weeks. If you really want them?

We’re not sexist at Nail It! Ibiza. In fact we’re encouraging Ibiza’s clued up guys and VIP visitors to book in for our mobile manicures and pedicures. Just let us know how life takes off when the world witnesses your well turned out toes.


·         Ultra moisturising Brazilian pedicure or manicure, with hamamelis, tea tree oil, allontoin, calcium and keratin

·        Luxury pedicure or manicure with aroma peeling, Pe Lurs cuticle treatment, mask and curative sealing

·        Machine pedicure or manicure for troublesome nails and skin

·        Eco Manicure P Shine pedicure or manicure for an all-natural pearly finish

·        European pedicure or manicure

·        Classic trimmed pedicure or manicure

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