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Male manicure is also popular

30 August 2015

While saying ‘manicure’ we associate it with the tidy women fingers. Historically, manicure is the integral part of the shape of ideal woman. This procedure is about 3000 years old and its development does not stand still. There appear a lot of new techniques, polishes and so on. Details you can see here.

But what to do with the men’s hands? Today male manicure is not something new for us. The Hollywood stars have been using such a service for a long time. A lot of businessmen also consider the tidy hands as a standard of etiquette. You will agree that it is not very pleasant to feel that the skin is rough and there is dirt under the nibbled nails, while shaking hands with somebody. You probably often notice the hands of your interlocutor. Be sure, your hands are also noticed. It makes not very good impression about you, if your hands are not tidy. Touches of such hands are not pleased for women, they are even almost disgusting.

The difference between men and women manicure

Manicure for men has its own specific character. Men’s skin is more rough than women’s one, that’s why it takes more time for to soak it before starting to make manicure. Trimming men manicure is not so deep as women. It is because the process of roughening of male skin is faster than female and the possibility of fin appearing is quite high. Men manicure in contrast to women one is made without the forceps. The special softening tools, scrubs and pumice are using instead. Nails are carefully shortened and filed. Then the cuticle is softened in a special dish and moved aside. If the cuticle is very rough or it looks very bad, than master should use very sharp forceps for to cut it. Male manicure does not need fitting the shape of the nail because it is created according to the shape of the touch ball.

Polishing of the nails is very important in the man manicure. The special polishing file is used for it. The nourishing moisturizing cream is rubbed into the skin and nails for the effect to be better. So it helps to achieve the soft shine. It is also possible to use the transparent polish for to cover your nails. But in such case, they will shine more intensive and this shine is acceptable not for all the men.

Men, do not be afraid to look after your hands and nails

A lot of men nowadays are afraid to avail of the men’s manicure service. The cause of it is their fear to seem as a gay or metrosexual. This is the reason why a lot of men refuse manicure, pedicure and spa. But tidy men nails do not show that person is gay. They show that person just wants to have a tidy look. There is a row of habits which can help you to recognize the ardent metrosexual. And this row does not end with taking care of yourself. So, you are metrosexual if :

  1. Manicure pedicure facial are at the top of your wish list
  2. You actually have a wish list
  3. You can't walk through Ibiza Town without purchasing designer outfits
  4. You own 20 plus pairs of shoes
  5. Every time you pass a mirror you look in it
  6. You can make raw lasagne
  7. Your manicure mobile needs were a worry until you heard about Nail It! Ibiza
  8. You wear anything other than board shorts on the beach
  9. You don’t just shave your face, you exfoliate and moisturize
  10. Your time on the island isn’t complete without a visit from Nail It! Ibiza

On this page you can read more detailed about the difference between the metrosexual, gay and the man who just looks after himself.

Manicure, massage and spa by Nail It! Ibiza salon

If you actually make up your mind to make a manicure, you should go to Nail It! Ibiza salon. Our technicians will make everything carefully and beautiful. You will not regret about that. You will come back to us, entrusting your powerful hands to our professionals.

Nail It! Ibiza can also offer you perfect massage and spa. These procedures will relax you. The perfect result makes the Brazilian manicure technique. It is very good both for men and women, making your hands incredibly soft, gentle and tidy. You can read details here.

You will not think about what to do while your beloved is luxuriating in the professional’s hands. Just come to our Nail It! Ibiza salon with her or call our mobile nail studio to your place and we will make your hands blameless. Our technicians had made male and female manicure not once. They know all the refinements of it. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work.

Creative personalities can realize themselves while choosing any polish they want. Nail It! Ibiza offers you the wide range of polishes, so we can certainly select something special just for you. Our prices will please you. Look here for to know details.

So, dearest men, do not be afraid to seem metrosexual or gay. Beautiful and tidy nails will attract glances to your courageous hands. Every girl will be happy to be near such a man. Nail It! Ibiza will make the best male manicure special for you!

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