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Paraffin manicure for healthy and beautiful nails

30 August 2015

Have you ever heard about the paraffin manicure? This procedure is very pleasant and comfort, especially for people with the sensitive and tender skin. For to try high quality paraffin manicure you just need to find our Nail It! Ibiza salon. You also can invite our technicians to your place. You can read details here. All the pleasure is just for you.

About the paraffin manicure

Manicure with the using of paraffin is recommended both for men and women. After using this manicure technique, your nails and hands become perfect look for a long time. Such a procedure saturates the cuticle and nails with the nutritive materials. The hot paraffin is used for that. Current procedure heals over the microcuts and abrasions. It also restores the crannied and dry cuticle and causes your fingers to look tidy. Paraffin manicure is recommended as an alternative to the classical trimming manicure. This technique helps to go smoothly to the European manicure, in which the cuticle is not clipped out.

After making this procedure the nail polishing is doing very fast. The beautiful look of your nails and cuticle stays for quite a long time.

Paraffin makes the therapeutic, moisturizing, nutritious, rejuvenate and medicinal effect to your hands’ skin and to your joints. The hot paraffin also sates your cuticle with the nutritious elements. After the paraffin manicure your nails are sated with the high quantity of the oils and the nail polishing will be fast and effective.

The technology of fulfillment the paraffin manicure

The manicure technicians know how to fulfil paraffin manicure in the right way. But if you would like to know the steps of current type of manicure beforehand, this paragraph of the article is special for you.

So, at first your nails are licked into shape. After it the cuticle is moved aside by using the metal or wooden pusher. (Pusher – is the special scoop which is used for to move the cuticle aside without any pain.) Paraffin is warmed up in the paraffin tray. The constant temperature which is comfort for the hands is kept up there. Any nourishing cream is applied on the fingers and nails with cuticle. This cream is rubbed into the nails.

Then you should put your fingers into the paraffin just for 1-2 seconds and pull them out with the quick move. Your fingers should be in paraffin for 1/3 of their length. Then you should wait for 5-7 minutes and repeat the procedure. You should do it 4 times.

On your fingers there will appear the paraffin pellicle. It moistens your cuticle intensively and sates it with the beneficial stuffs, which are contained in cream and paraffin. These beneficial stuffs penetrate deep in you cuticle because the paraffin is warm.

You should wait for 6-8 minutes and remove the paraffin. The metal or wooden pusher is used for that. Then the cuticle is moved aside again. Paraffin makes your skin very soft and pusher moves the cuticle away easily.

After the paraffin manicure your nails will be soaked with the high quantity of the beneficial oils. After this procedure the process of nail polishing will be fast and effective. Usually the polisher with chamois is used. It is recommended not to cover your nails with any polish after the paraffin manicure. The nails are softened fatly with the oils, that’s why any artificial covering will not be held up the nail even if you use dehydrates.

If you consider, that such a technology is not for you, you are welcome to choose any other type of manicure, pedicure and spa. Our masters will do their best for you. You can get acquainted with all our services on the website Nail It! Ibiza.

Of course, you can do manicure by yourself. But you will not be able to reach that perfect quality which our masters offer to you. The Nail It! Ibiza salon is the best one on the beaches of Ibiza. Our technicians have the great experience. They work with a lot of different customers, so they know how to please you. Our masters will propose the best manicure technique special for you, of course, taking into consideration your wishes. They also will choose the best shape for your nails and will offer the widest range of the covering and nail pictures.

Nail It! Ibiza’s experts fulfill the best European manicure. Your nails will be very neat and tidy, and the picture will be very tender. You also can choose the Japanese manicure. With this technique the brilliants will shine on your nails, there will also appear 3D pictures depicting butterflies, trees, people etc. The best party nails only for you! With such nails you will not be shy to go to the most fashionable beach party. You also have the opportunity to express yourself and stand out the crowd. Design or machine nail art, it’s up to you. Every kind of it will be made special for you and will suit perfectly to your nail shape. Read details here.

Find our Nail It! Ibiza mobile salons on the beaches of Ibiza. You also can call us and invite our technicians to your place. You will get the perfect service. Our professionals will fulfill manicure special for you, using that very technique which you will choose. We guarantee the high-qualitative service. It is up to you what technique to choose, paraffin, European, Japanese or other manicure.

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