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Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain
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About us & our beautiful treatments

04 February 2015

Let your hands do the talking with a beautiful manicure, pedicure or luxury spa treatment by Nail It! Ibiza, Europe’s luxury mobile nail & spa service.

One of Russia’s largest and most innovative beauty salon manicurenetworks brings our full range of treatments to Ibiza - beautiful manicures, pedicures and luscious luxury treatments to your villa, boat, hotel room or event. We’ll leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, while neatly and discreetly nailing the final touch to your Ibiza outfit.

We offer


·         Ultra moisturising Brazilian manicure or pedicure, with hamamelis, tea tree oil, allontoin, calcium and keratin

·        Luxury manicure or pedicure with aroma peeling, Pe Lurs cuticle treatment, mask and curative sealing

·        Machine manicure or pedicure for troublesome nails and skin

·        Eco Manicure P Shine manicure or pedicure for an all-natural pearly gloss

·        European manicure or pedicure

·        Classic trimmed manicure or pedicure

·         Gel and acrylic extensions

·         Unique nail art and embellishments

Nail It! Ibiza’s spa treats are perfect for all seasons, with soothing, protective and nourishing treatments to keep skin soft and supple. Beautiful nails and skin aren’t just for summer, and winter is nature’s favourite time to restore and replenish.


·         Sea Care treatment with sea salts, algae, aroma oils and herbal extracts

·         Toxin eliminating Paraffin Wax treatment to nourish, heal and moisturise

·         Masura lifting serum for lifted, radiant hands

·         CND Citrus Care laced with Vitamin C , acting as an antioxidant, tonic and moisturiser

·         Almond Care for soft, smooth, youthful hands


·         Waxing for smooth and silky hair free skin

·         All natural lashes for beautiful eyes whatever the season

·         Hand or foot massage

Highly qualified technicians will make you a beautiful manicure

As innovators in our field we bring the latest nail fashion to you. Our VIP technicians are highly trained in the art of a beautiful manicure, and their pampering treatments are designed to see you looking your best – including beauty manicure and pedicures, gel colours straight from the catwalk, nail extensions and bespoke nail art to add your signature touch.

We’re famous for beautiful manicures across our 150 salon network, and for our highly trained technicians. They’re used to looking after Russia’s business elite and celebrities when not on fashion shoots or shows, now bringing Nail It! Ibiza direct to you for all your manicure beauty needs.

Wherever you are in Ibiza, let our professional technicians come to you. Relax and enjoy a beautiful French manicure or pedicure whilst soaking up your favourite view, allowing Ibiza’s magic to seep into your soul.

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