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Best glue manicure on Ibiza

30 August 2015

For sure, a lot of girls have heard about the glue manicure. These manicure technologies use glue in they fulfillment. Our Nail It! Ibiza salon offers you several types of the glue manicure. It will be going about the fiberglass or silk wraps and about the manicure with the using of glue-powder. Both of these technologies are good, but they also have several disadvantages. While enjoying service of our Nail It! Ibiza salon, you can get VIP status. It will give you a lot of preferences. Look here for details.

Fiberglass or silk wraps

The technology of silk wraps is quite popular. In such case, silk, fiberglass or flax is used. Your natural nails do not have to be necessary long. The tips (fake nail) is glued on the natural nail. It is covered then by the layer of the textile. This type of manicure is a perfect way to safe cracked or damaged nail. It is possible to repair any nail with the help of small peace of textile.

Nail It! Ibiza professionals can fulfil this and others techniques of manicure and pedicure perfectly. The salon’s founder Lena Lenina has a very careful eye on the choice of the specialists. She began her business in 2011. And she continues going to the tops of the quality service. On this page you can read more about it.

The most popular wrap by this technology is silk. Silk warps make your nails stronger and more elastic.

The basic advantage of this type of manicure is that “textile” nails are quite flexible and crashproof. And, of course, it is quite easy to repair them. You can choose a lot of different nail design because there are a lot of different colors of silk. This type of extension is nonallergenic and does not cause the irritation.

But this technique also has some disadvantages. Such nails will not stay very long and they have necessary to be laid on the hard base (for example, on the tips or on the gel).

Nowadays specialists use such silk wraps quite rare. Much more popular are gel, acrylic and glue-powder technologies.

You can see a lot of information about the nail extensions and about the different techniques of manicure and pedicure on our web-site. If you like this information and you are interested in manicure and pedicure, you are welcome to our manicure and pedicure school. It is the best studio. Our technicians will teach you to fulfil all the existent techniques of manicure and pedicure. You can read more on this page.

The glue-powder

The procedure of the nail extension using the glue-powder also takes not a lot of time. But such nails will stay not very long on your hands. Such type of extension is the best for those who want to have fake nails fast and beautiful. Glue-powder technology is often used before some important special events or for the fashion show.

In this technology the tips are also used. The special glue covers the tips and then the nail dips into the special powder. Then nail is filed a little bit for to become beautiful finished shape. At last, nail is covered with some polish. You also can have some picture on it.

The best quality of the glue-powder technology is that it takes a little time, in comparison with others techniques. The nail’s shape is formed right during the procedure. So it is not necessary to make the deep correction while finish the procedure. Using the tips the shape and relief of the natural nail are easily corrected.

But, unfortunately, the glue-powder nails have a lot of disadvantages. Such nails are getting spoiled fast. Your nails look unnatural while using the classical powder (except the transparent powder). So you need to cover in with the polish all the time. Using the tips is not very good for your nails. Moreover, powder can cause the allergic reaction.

But, despite of all the imperfections, the glue-powder technology will be the perfect one for those who want to have a perfect manicure for once and do not want to spend a lot of time for the procedure.

Nowadays the manicure and pedicure procedures are very popular among the men and women. Some men even have courage to do nail extensions. But a lot of men are still afraid of visiting the beauty salons and they have their reasons for that. Actually, both manicure and pedicure are very important for men as well. Businessmen usually take care for their hands and feet because they have to look solid and blameless. The pedicure is important procedure of the feet’s hygiene. It is considered as almost obligatory procedure for everyone. Moreover, doing manicure or pedicure in our Nail It! Ibiza salon, you can relax and delight on it. If it does not convince you of the necessity of manicure and pedicure, then read the very interesting information right here.

If you still do not know what to choose acrylic, gel or any type of glue manicure, then ask our professionals. They will help you to do the right choice and will make their best for your nails to be beautiful.

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