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Children's manicure is a new branch of service in the beauty salons

31 October 2015

Nail It! Ibiza salon always keeps an eye on the novelties. The real masters have always to be in trend, for to propose the best service to the customers. We have been on the beaches of Ibiza since 2014. We are here for to make your rest besser. Our salon proposes you a wide range of colors of nail polishes which stays for three weeks on your nails. More detailed about it you can read here. And now children's manicure, the new trend, appears in our salons as well.

This service becomes more popular, but many parents still have different opinions about it. Why do children need to make a manicure and, moreover, to polish their nails? The answer is quite simple. Manicure is a perfect thing for to break the children's habit to bite the nails. Do you agree, that nowbody wants to put in the mouth newly manicured nails? And, moreover, any young lady will not want to damage beautiful nails, when they are covered with colorful nail polish or a beautiful nail design is created on them.

The nails of children grow up very fast, even faster then men's nails. That's why it is necessary to cut them quite often. But it is important to be careful with the manicure for children. It exists a special way for it's fulfillment. When you do not know it and want to make a manicure for your child by yourself, you can destroy the nail. The professionals of our Nail It! Ibiza salon know all the peculiarities of the children's nails. So, you do not need to be afraid of the hands of your child, if you use the service of our salon. Believe us, that you and your child will be fully satisfied with our job.

The base for the children's manicure fulfillment may be the technique of European manicure. By using this technique the cuticle is not cut off. The hands and the instrument must to be processed with the antiseptic. At first, the nails should to be cut with the special nippers, but it is important to cut it off not too short. Then you should to file the nail with the soft file. Hier, it is important to make all the movements in one and the same direction. The children's nails are very sensible. For to make the nail tip clear, use the orange stick. Then you should polish the tip of the nail using the soft buff or the regular polishing nail file. You should avoid to use the metallic instruments while working with the children's hands, for not to damage the gentle skin of the child.

If there are agnails, you should to put arms into the tray with the warm wather and special additives, depending on skin type. Then the agnails are cut off very carefully without touching the cuticle. Cuticle must not be removed. If there is too much of it, then you should just move it away after making hand soft.

In addition, it will be good to make a light massage using the children's cream. If the skin is too dry, you can make a paraffin therapy. At the end you should cover the nails with the special nail polish for children.

The manicure procedure makes boys and girls to be used to look after themselves and after their appearance since childhood. Agree, that it is unpleasant to run business with the fellow workers whose arms are so untidy, that even the most tolerant person feels disgust.

The nail is considered to be completely formed only by 15-16 years. It depends on the peculiarities of the organism. The other manicure techniques, as such as cutting manicure, apparatus or spa manicure, are allowed to be used only after this age.

Even the very little girls at preschool age are often noticed while trying on mother's clothes or making make-up using the mother's cosmetics. The wise parents use it with the good purposes. They take children in beauty salon with themselves on a session of children's manicure, or entertain daughters with home care of fingernails. This is one more opportunity for the close conversation between the parents and children. It makes them very close and helps to avoid a lot of problems in the relations with the children in their teen age.

In our Nail It! Ibiza salon you can choose any manicure technique for you and the children's manicure for your baby. Spend time together with your child acustoming he or she to the hihygiene. The outstanding feature of our salon is the individual approach to the each customer. If you do not know yet which manicure technique want you choose, you can ask our technicians to advise you. Our professionals can make any manicure technique for you. In addition you will get the beautiful nail design. Would you like party nails or mashine nail art? What would you prefer Japanese or European nail art? Everything is up to you. You decide and our technicians make their bests for you. More information you can find on this page.

So, for sure, you have already estimated all the advantages of the children's manicure. It is really important part in the hygiene of the children's hands. The best children's manicure you can get only in our Nail It! Ibiza salon. Our masters of beauty will fulfill all the wishes of even the most whimsically customer.

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