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European manicure

31 October 2015

Have you ever heard about the European manicure? Of course, you have! European manicure is the manicure technique when the cuticle is not cut off and the metallic instruments are not used. Only laser and polishing files, orange stick, agent for the cuticle removing, oil for the fingernails and skin, hand cream and the pencil for cuticle are used. European manicure is perfect for everyone, but it is especially recommended for people, who have a very thin and gentle skin, or whose blood vessels are located too close to the skin.

A little bit history

This technique appeared in 1920th, when the franchise women, miss Marlen has made this type of nail care popular. It is interesting that manicure had appeared for a long time before it. This type of care of the appearance has been originated in the antique times. Women have always existed and they always had a desire to be beautiful. So that's why the manicure was created. The biggest fans of manicure were Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti. They have used not only different oils for to make their skin soft, but also have painted their nails. The best nails of Europe were nails of Quine Elisabeth I. American women were also in trend and took care of their hands. For these women of fashion the Max Factor company created a series of multi-colored polishes for fingernails in the 1920-1930th years. Till today a lot of women around the world prefer production of this company. If you want to know more about the manicure history, the first manicure salons and about the different types of nail coverings, you can find this information here.

The procedure of the European manicure

  1. 1. At first you should wash the hands and remove the old nail polish. The nail is filed with the laser file, the shape of nail is created. The perfect shape is that one, which is the specular reflection of the cuticle form.
  2. 2. Then the side rollers are removed with the help of laser file on the dry.
  3. 3. The gross violation is to file the cuticle with the file. The special cosmetic is used for it.
  4. 4. The cosmetics for the cuticle is left for 45 seconds and then is removed with a paper towel. Using the orange stick move the cuticle aside and remove the excess cuticle. Then you should wash the hands and make them dry.
  5. 5. If it is necessary, the nails are polished.
  6. 6. After that the special softening oil which prevent the appearing of the agnails is rubbed into the fingers.
  7. 7. With the massage movements rub the preserving cream.
  8. 8. The oil pencil is used during all the day.

The main difference between the European manicure and the other types of manicure is, that in case of fulfillment the European technique of manicure care, the cuticle is not cut off but only moved aside with the help of orange stick.

Moreover, in contrast to the classical manicure, for the European manicure you do not need to make your cuticle soft in the tray with wather. That's why the second name for the European manicure is dry manicure. The side rollers are not cut off but filed dry with the help of special laser file for the European manicure.

It is the only manicure technique when the nail polish stays on your nails for a very long time. Any nail covering will stay longer on your nails, if the dry manicure was made.

It is not a secret that a lot of men also use the service of manicure technicians. Solid people do not want to attract the negative sights with their untidy hands. The European manicure will be perfect for them as well. If you prefer another manicure technique, the professionals of our Nail It! Ibiza salon will propose you to get acquainted with all the services and will help you to choose one special for you. If you are afraid, what the other people will think about you, you should read the article on this page. Here it is described the difference between the gays and metrosexuals. This article will persuade you that manicure is important for the real man.

Besides the different manicure techniques, our salon proposes you all the types of body care, as such as different massage tecniques, spa, waxing and even eyelash extension. More detailed about it you can read here. We exist for you to feel yourself beautiful.

We offer you:


  • Sea Care treatment with se salts, algae, aroma oils and herbal extracts;
  • Toxin eliminating paraffin wax treatment to nourish, heal and moisturise;
  • Masura lifting serum for lifted, radiant hands;
  • CND Citrus Care packed with Vitamin C acting as an antioxidant, tonic and moisturiser;
  • Almond care for soft, smooth, youthful hands;
  • Waxing for smooth and silky hair free skin;
  • All natural lashes for beautiful eyes whatever the season;
  • Hand or foot massage.

It goes without saying, that manicure does not border with the filing the nails or removing the cuticle, it is also nail covering with the nail polish, gel or acrylic. Our Nail It! Ibiza salon proposes you a wide range of nail coverings. Our professions can perfectly fulfill any manicure technique and any nail covering technique. So it is left for you only to choose what you want. At this page you can read more about the gel covering.

So, our Nail It! Ibiza salon proposes you the qualitative manicure, fulfilled in any technique including the European one. Look for our mobile salon on the beaches of Ibiza or invite us to your place and your hands will be healthy and tidy and you will be satisfied with our job.

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