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Gel and acrylic nails – perfect quality by Nail It! Ibiza

24 July 2015

Nail It! Ibiza – Europe nails and spa quality


Each woman wants to be beautiful. The main components of the ideal women look are soft skin, tidy nails and clean feet. Of course, you can do everything by yourself. But you also can come to the Nail It! Ibiza salon and we’ll take professional care of you. Perfect spa treatment: facial, manicure and pedicure special for you.

What to choose gel or acrylic nail manicure?

Perfect manicure not just adds the self-reliance, but also allows expressing your mood and emotions, your attitude toward the world and toward yourself. The augment nails are very popular nowadays. But which one to choose gel or acrylic nail manicure, it’s up to you?

Acrylic nail manicure

The acrylic is a very fine powder which turns into a thick quick-drying paste while mixing with the special liquid. The technician should be quick for to assign the material to the nail. If he is too slow, he will have to saw down all the asperities. The procedure of the acrylic nail manicure is quite long and takes for about 3-4 hours.

The main advantage of this kind of manicure is the protection of the natural nail from the influence of the different injurious factors of the environment such as temperature drop, beat and others.

The acrylic nail manicure can help to correct nails and make them to look beautiful. Even defective natural nail gets the right shape and growing direction under the layer of the acrylic nails. For to become the aesthetic look to the ingrown nails on the feet, our technician can make acrylic nail pedicure for you.

This type of manicure is the most strong of all the existent technologies. The acrylic french manicure is the most beautiful and looks the most natural.

Gel manicure

Gel nail manicure is one of the best achievements of the nail industry for the recent years. This type of manicure is very popular both among the masters and among the customers. Nowadays it is one of the most fashionable and relevant utility of the nail service. Gel can not correct the shape of the natural nail as the acrylic manicure. This technique can only make the beautiful natural nails more beautiful. The comfort and fast process, high speed of the polymerization in the lamp, steadiness of the colour, intensive durable shine, delicate and nonalergenic materials are basic advantages of this kind of the nail manicure.

So, you can choose what would you like beautiful gel nails or tidy acrylic ones. And technicians of the Nail It! Ibiza salon will make everything, for you to be satisfied with your choice.

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