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Half moon and moon manicure

24 July 2015

If you want your manicure and pedicure to be unique and qualitative, come to the Nail It! Ibiza, the best nail salon! Nobody can take care of your arms and feet better then we. Just relax and enjoy, and Nail It! Ibiza will make everything for you.

High quality of professional care for you

The professionals know that for to give a qualitative service, it is necessary not just to have qualification, but also to have good stuffs. We use the high-quality and certificated materials.

Half moon manicure

Any beauty knows that the most elegant manicure is french manicure. Nowadays there appear more and more types of french. The most popular of them are half moon and moon manicure. To contrast with the classical french, which highlights the tip of the nail, the half moon manicure also highlights the half moon on the bottom of the nail. Actually, this was the reason to give this kind of manicure such a title. Such nails look very interesting and delicate. It seems that the circle is painted on them. You can choose any colour of polish according to your taste. We have the wide range of nail-polishes. The colors of summer are very different and variegated, so you can bring in life even the most audacious of your wishes.

If you prefer the classic style, we can offer you the ideal french manicure by selecting the most suitable base to your skin. The French I.D. presents 6 tints of beige colour special for making french manicure.

Moon manicure

The moon manicure is very similar to the half moon one. By using this technique the two colors are chosen. The “smile” may be painted both on the nail tip and on the nail bottom. The bottom half moon may be painted inverse. If you cannot decide what type of manicure to choose, our technicians can advice you the best type of manicure which will have a perfect look on your nails.

If you have even a little free time, you have necessary to visit our Nail It! Ibiza salon. The best masters will create the miracle for you. Your nails will shine. They will say you “Thank you!”

Mobile manicure and pedicure for you

And of course do not forget about the pedicure. It is one more component of the ideal lady look. Our nail and pedicure salon can come to your place for your comfort. So you do not need to leave your home tasks for a long time.

Our technicians will make your feet so soft, like a baby’s. Having a beautiful pedicure, it will be pleasant for you just to go out in the evening or to celebrate some fest. We ensure you that your feet will be estimated at their true worth.

The individual approach for your comfort and originality

Be sure, you will be satisfied with our service and will come to us again and again. The highly skilled technicians of our salon will find the approach to any customer. We will underline your individuality, according to your wishes.

Manicure and pedicure are not just the necessary procedures. Making manicure and pedicure in our mobile Nail It! Ibiza salon, you’ll have the very good mood. We can realize any type of manicure and pedicure. You can feel yourself comfortable and safely, because we observe all the sanitary regulations.

You can find our nail beauty studios on the beaches of Ibiza. We are always nearby for to come and make the best manicure and pedicure for you when you need it.

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