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Present-day manicure ideas

24 July 2015

It is always pleasant to cast a glance at the beautiful and tidy hands. Girls paint their nails in the different colors with the purpose to attract the attention to their pretty hands. They create different pictures on the nails inventing something by themselves or searching the manicure ideas in the Internet.

Red manicure

The classical variant of the nail covering is the one-colour polish. The most popular colour is red one and all its shapes. It is considered that the red manicure is universal. It is suitable to the any dress and has very natural look.

Pink manicure

If you do not want to take a risk or you just don’t like the red colour, then you can just change it by the pink one. The pink manicure is less aggressive. It can emphasize your feminity very delicate and make your hands to look tidy.

Black manicure

If you are not afraid of risk and experiment, you may choose the black colour of the nail polish. By the way, the black manicure will suit perfectly to the dark shapes clothes.

Extravagant nail design

But, nowadays it is very difficult to surprise somebody by the unusual colors of the nails. Black, blue, green or purple manicure is quite usual. The great way to diversify your everyday manicure is to paint some beautiful design. If you want your manicure to be extravagant, you should devise something much more interesting. For example, you can depict a chess-board, picturesque landscape, flag of the country or the portrait of your beloved on your nails tips. And you can also create diamond nails, why not?

Professional care of your nails

Even the most beautiful nail picture will not look good on the bad, spoilt nails. If you have such a problem, you should hurry up to find our Nail It! Ibiza salon. Using the different techniques and spa we will give your nails their original beauty and shine back.

The specialists of our salon are masters of different manicure techniques. The business card of our salon is the personal approach to the each customer. We’ll choose the best course of nail treatment special for you, if you need one. And if not, we’ll fulfil the top-quality manicure on your lovely hands.

Unique manicure ideas and nail art

Our technicians have so many fresh and different manicure ideas. So you can amaze everybody by your nails. For example, Japanese nail art is very popular nowadays. It sets apart others types of nail art. It is directed toward the childish ingenuousness, the illumination and play of the colors and shine, the theme which is close to the anime cartoons. We also can fulfil it in the 3D technique. The 3D pictures which depict trees, flowers, castles and others will appear on your nails. There are no borders for the imagination. You can create personal nail design for yourself and our professionals will make it on your nails. Or you can trust us and we’ll sort something out special for you.

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