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Spa manicure

31 October 2015

The procedure of spa manicure is very popular today. It is pleasant and useful procedure of complex care of your arms, which includes peeling, effective softening of the skin, deep nutrition and saturation of your skin and nail plate by vitamins, and also the pleasant relaxing massage. After the spa manicure your skin becomes smooth and gentle, and your fingernails become strong and healthy. Our technicians perfectly know all the details of fulfillment different manicure techniques and spa manicure technique as well. Beauty of your fingernails is your beauty in whole. More detailed about it you can read here.

Spa manicure treats the fragile and exfoliating nails, and dry and chapped skin. The natural components of the nails' cosmetic not only make the skin soft and wet, help to return the elastance to the skin and rejuvenate it, but also fulfill soft and effective peeling that always has a good influence on the health. Also only in our salon you can get the best blis spa manicure.

In our salon you can get restoring, nutritious, rejuvenating and other types of spa manicure. You can also choose the oil for manicure tray. The most popular in our salon is the almond spa manicure cosmetic. The Almond Milk Bath maceration for arms and nails with the almond milk for the ramollissement is as such as the milk bathtub of Cleopatra which was considered as an elixir of beauty and youth at all the times. The almond moistening scrub removes the wrinkles, the moisturizing lotion gives refinement and an aroma-charm to the massage of arms, and sparkling mask makes skin to shine with health and tidiness. The almond abirritating cream is intended for the inflamed skin.

If you have a desire to get spa manicure, but you have no time or wish to leave your house, you can call our mobile salon into your place. You will get the same service. The only difference is that you will enjoy the manicure in the cosy armchair at your place. More information you can find on this page.

The types of spa manicure

Hot manicure with oil

Using this technique of manicure, you should put your arms into the special tray filled with the hot oil lotion, which abirritates the dry cuticle, makes it warm and soft.

The relaxing manicure with lavender

At first master makes the warm relaxing massage. Then, using the peeling gel with lavender and salt, he makes peeling. The softening mask with Shea butter and mints restores a dry skin, and the therapeutic wrapping with the warm towel completely relax the skin. At the end of the procedure the cuticle is moistened with the help of paraffin, and fingernails are covered with a nail polish.

Japanese spa manicure

The Japanese manicure differs from the other types of spa manicure. It is the whole system where the manicure is referred on the effective care of natural fingernails, providing their growth, nutrition and strengthening. Before the procedure it is necessary to make the careful preliminary diagnostics of the nail plate.

The description of spa manicure

It is important to say that there is no absolutely correct overall action sequence of fulfillment the spa manicure. Everything depends on the requirement of the client and opportunities of the master. That's why it is quite difficult to create the description of spa manicure fulfillment. But there are basic actions which should to be considered.

1. Preparation.
At first it is necessary to remove the covering from the nails and to create a shape of the nail with the help of nail file. Using special nails' cosmetic, containing AHA acids which dissolve the dry skin, the cuticle is softened for its removing. Then hands are put into the manicure tray with the special cosmetic for maceration.

2. Peeling
At this stage the final treatment of the cuticle is carried out. Then the special scrub for peeling, softening and deep moistening of the skin is drifted on the hands with the massage movements.

3. Nutrition
The special nutrition cream or mask for hands is drifted on the skin of the hands. It nourish well the deep layers of the skin and the nail plate as well with the vitamins and useful substances. At this stage it is useful to fulfill the procedure of the parafin therapy.

4. Massage
The relaxing massage of the hands is fulfilled at the end of the spa manicure. It perfectly takes off the fatigue, tension and creates a good mood for all the next day. It is used massage oil or hand lotion for the massage.

Our salon is not the first year on the market of care of your beauty and health. We are professionals of the highest class. Nail It! Ibiza salon offers you


And that is not it. More information you are able to know while visiting this page.

The best spa manicure procedures in the Nail It! Ibiza salon. We are always pleased to help you and to bring you a joy.

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