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Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain
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Signature nail art

04 February 2015
Nail It! Ibiza are not just known for our superb nails and amazing treatments using exceptional products, our bespoke Ibiza nail art is famous for turning heads. It’s perfect for those who want to go the extra mile, whether completing your look for a special occasion or making every day special.

Japanese vs European nail art. What do YOU choose?

The original Japanese nail art that got the trend going is all about intense, vibrant designs, including not just tiny gem stones and glitter but huge jewels and trinkets, butterflies, bows and hearts that create a real 3D effect on exceptionally long nails.

We may not all be wanting or willing to go for such extreme designs as Japanese nail art, especially not if using the laptop or washing up, but as the trend has spread and diluted, some extremely chic and very wearable designs have emergedin European nail art.

Nail It! Ibiza are bang on trend with their European nail art, using colours and prints straight from the catwalk, also inspired by beautiful Mediterranean landscapes and eclectic Ibiza fashions. Our polishes come in enough vibrant shades to recreate the vibes of this magical island, whether painting a whole hand or a just few nails for a more subtle look.

Would you like party nails?

Since rolling out our luxury mobile nail services across Ibiza, we can honestly say we have a lot of experience creating party nails, as well as providing post party pampering. Our treatments not only leave you looking and feeling fantastic, but our bespoke nail art is the icing on the cake for any party or trip to a beach club.

Would you prefer design or machine nail art?

In addition to the pleasure of having immaculate nails and a well groomed appearance, your Ibiza nail art is truly unique to you, allowing you to express yourself and stand out from the crowd. Our highly trained technicians are artists in their own right, each with their own style and designs. Be inspired by Nail It! Ibiza’s arty designs, get creative and choose from a rainbow of colours to get the look you want.

Some nail art fans choose machine nail art; a digital printing system that prints directly on to the exact shape of each nail. This system is great to avoid mistakes, but takes away the bespoke creativity and artistic flair of your own nail technician.

Pretty feet are always in trend

Machine nail art may not be for everyone, but feet nail art certainly is - essential when living in sunnier climes or chasing the sun across the globe. If you’re hitting the beach or wearing your favourite designer sandals, feet nail art is crucial for sexy summer toes. Even in winter, perfectly pedicured feet with embellished big toes are a delight to behold when you finally peel your off your woolly tights or stockings.

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