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Party & pamper vip bonus scheme

04 February 2015


It’s time to roll out the red carpet. Nail It! Ibiza’s priority VIP scheme means you never have to leave the house without perfect nails and pedicures and an immaculate well groomed appearance. Our highly trained technicians bring the mobile nail and pedicure salon to you. Fast. Complete with beauty bonus points for further luxury treats on us.

The VIP status’ advantages

Every treatment booked and enjoyed entitles you to 1 point, and when you have 10 you claim a fabulous free gift. Not only that but you can jump the queue as VIPs do, and take full advantage of having our nail and pedicure salon services in the comfort and privacy of your home, hotel room, boat or private party. Wherever you are, our technicians come to you at the earliest possible convenience.

The Nail It! Ibiza Party & Pamper VIP scheme is just our way of saying thank you. We’re confident that once you try our mobile pedicure nail salon, you won’t stop using our luxury services. For men and women alike, nails and pedicure are the details that matter; even of your look is more nonchalant than micro-planned. Beautifully manicured nails are the ultimate finishing touch for the ladies, and for men they success.

Relax in the knowledge your nail manicure and pedicure needs are totally taken care of, and our luxury beauty services keep you in pristine condition from top to toe. It’s not just about nail manicure pedicure, the full range of treatments includes waxing for silky smooth skin, full and fabulous lash extensions and hand or foot massages.

Would you like something new? Try sea care foot treatment

We’re not just famous in Russia for our nails and pedicures but also offer a variety of luxury spa treatments for that extra special pampering touch. Why not take things to the next level with a sea care foot treatment; with sea salts, algae, herbal extracts and aroma oils to make even the roughest skin feel like a baby’s bottom. Or how about an all-natural Masura lifting serum for smooth, lifted and radiant hands? If you love pedicures nail salons and more, we know you’ll love Nail It! Ibiza’s Party & Pamper VIP scheme.

Try VIP nail manicure and pedicure for you

Even if you usually book a nail salon pedicure, once you’ve had a luxury treatment in the location of your choice you’ll love the Nail It! Ibiza VIP lifestyle. Our technicians are used to looking after Russia’s celebs and business elite, so rest assured you’re in safe hands.

Whether you’re a TV celebrity or an Ibiza VIP, your VIP card means priority bookings as well as free gifts and fabulous offers, so it’s a win win all round for your nails and beauty needs.

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